What annual expenses should I expect after buying a house in Alicante (or in Spain)?

After turning your new house into a loving home, you’re probably wondering what expenses you should expect to pay every year for your city’s local services. In this week’s article we’re making things easy for you by telling you exactly what you need to pay year on year in Alicante.

Every Spanish city council will require you to pay the IBI (The Real Estate Tax) annual. The cost of this will vary from city to city and will depend on the value of your property. The average price in Spain is around 500 euros a year. Some city council’s will also charge for waste collection and sewerage, which average price in Spain equates to 100 euros. In some cases, this charge is non existent but in others it can cost as much as 180 euros.

In addition to the above tax obligations, there may be an obligation, if the property belongs to a Community of Owners, to pay expenses of the community, usually through monthly or quarterly fees.

On the other hand, although not mandatory, it is convenient to have home insurance that can take care of the unforeseen problems that may arise from the property.

In addition to the above, and finally, we must not forget the maintenance costs of any home, especially if it is old, as things wear out and spoil.

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