The safest way to buy property in Spain

We'll Complete All the Legal Checks and Survey Your Property Before You Buy Your New Home

Leave it all to us. We will advise and support you every step of the way, from completing pre-purchase evaluations to helping you obtain some essential immigration documentation. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

See Our Complete Conveyance Service

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  • Help you to open a bank account
  • Help you to apply and obtain a NIE (non-native identification number)
  • Verify conditions attached to the property
  • Verify the property with the Land Registry
  • Research any outstanding building violations
  • Uncover any limitations to future property development
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  • Manage payment deadlines
  • Submit forms requesting postponement or formal indications acknowledged before a notary
  • Review your private sales contract
  • Review the notarial deed of sale
  • Translate the notarial deed of sale including a signature to officialise the translation
  • Track and review the sale until the property is formally registered to you
  • Verify tax payment with the Property Registry
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  • Look after the official deed of sale once registered in your name
  • Transfer utility services into your name